Stories and Testimonials


Confidence and Self Esteem Training Course

One woman who had suffered mental and physical abuse from men and was going through an alcohol rehabilitation programme found the course of great benefit.  She realised by the end of the course that she could say no; that she didn’t need alcohol to give her confidence and that she could spend time with women. Previous to the course she thought all women were bitchy but by the end she found a lot of mutual support from the other women.  She also found having somewhere to go every week was really beneficial to her rehabilitation.

Another woman was aspergic and had been through physical and mental trauma.  At the start of the programmme she found it very difficult and would break down quite a lot.  However, through the support of the other women and the creative nature of the course, her confidence grew and she found she was better able to communicate with confidence.


More testimonials on confidence building and resilience:

“Never stuck to any other course before but this one.”

“The Facilitator is really passionate about what she does and it really shows and makes me feel comfortable”

“Told someone I wasn’t going to the course today then looked at my book from last week and thought I can do this and I enjoyed it and I am going to come.”

“Really felt included, and understood no one judged me here.”

“I know you mean what you say, I believe you want me to succeed”

“This is my little sanctuary every Thursday as there’s too much turmoil around.”


I’m Worth It (Pay Gap course)

‘I have good news… I now have a job description which I am satisfied with. I even negotiated the wording on it!! In turn, I think the dynamic between me and “Paolo” has really improved since I asserted what I wanted and it feels a lot more balanced. I wanted to thank you all for your invaluable help and brilliant advice!!’

‘What a fantastic and timely session it was. It was so useful to get the chance to slow the moments where we gain/lose power right down, and take an honest look at what happens.  It’s definitely done what I hoped for i.e. shift my thinking on about me and money and work’

‘Just wanted to say that unexpectedly – I have already had success putting what I learned on workshop into action!  I found out my job has been moved from Sheffield University to Leeds due to a change in management of the grant I am working on.  Instead of just accepting the change I looked at what difference it would make to my work conditions and have negotiated working from home the majority of the time – and they agreed to pay any commuting costs – which I asked for but did not expect!  So – thank you Val – your inspirational workshop was timely and very useful for me!’


Self Employment Programme

“I really enjoyed yesterday, feels so nice to know that other people have the same worries etc as I do about starting up on my own.  They seem like a really nice bunch of people.  Thank you for your comments/compliments I hope I can become successful as my family are behind me and I don’t want to let them down, obviously as well as myself. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity and boosting my confidence in what I am doing.  You were fantastic, I love how you make everyone feel so comfortable and give people hope and believe in what they’re doing”


You matter