Our Services


We are an inclusive organisation and provide services to all women living in Tinsley, regardless of age, race, disability, religion and belief, lesbian, bisexual or transgender identity, or any other factor.

We believe empowering young girls and women to improving their wellbeing as well as increasing their knowledge and skills is a major factor in addressing marginalisation. We also believe that they are the experts in their own lives and with our support, through creative projects, we will help them address issues they are facing individually and together to improve the lives of women living in Tinsley and making Tinsley a better place to live.

We will do this through:

  • Weekly women’s groups to support emotional and physical well-being, personal resilience, confidence and self-esteem
  • Self-employment training as an alternative to employment to support women to be financially independent
  • Creative community development projects to address issues such as anti-social behaviour, verbal and racial abuse, grooming and cyber bullying
  • Creating active citizens so they can make informed political decisions at a local community, regional and national level

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