About Us

Bounce Forward women's headsWho we are

A group of three women who want to make a real and lasting difference to young girls and women living in Tinsley, Sheffield, set up Bounce Forward. Our aim is to help in all ways we can to increase their sense of wellbeing, which we know is linked to happiness and life satisfaction, creating a strong resource for local young girls and women.

We strive to create an atmosphere of empowerment and self-development, removing obstacles and dealing with issues together.  We want the women we work with to play a key role in shaping Bounce Forward’s future and participating in its operation as volunteers, trustees and members.

Our Vision

Provide those young girls and women who might be isolated and vulnerable with new friendships, support networks and skills whilst giving them a sense of belonging and in turn inspiring and empowering them to succeed.

Our Mission

To work with young girls and women to support them to improve their well-being by addressing their physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Our Values

  • Empowerment–  supporting young girls and women in Tinsley to become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their lives and claiming their rights.
  • Collaboration– women and girls are the experts in their own lives. All our work is co-designed with the people we work with as we believe local knowledge drives long-term solutions.
  • Transformation– we believe with the right skills, confidence and aspirations women can have a transformative impact on their own lives, those of their children and their community.
  • Creativity – We believe creativity exists in everyone and is a powerful approach in confronting problems. It can release tension and contribute to happier, healthier lives.


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